What exactly are video games: their variants, classification and genres, also cheats, trainers, opinions, expertise furthermore much more

What exactly are video games: their kinds, classification and genres, also cheats, trainers, evaluations, information plus much more

A video game is generally a exceptional computer system or an digital device that implements the gameplay “gameplay, from English. Gameplay”.

Synonyms belonging in your method of “video game” are the terms “digital game” , “computer game” , “video game device” , “video game for PC” and so on. Within the English -speaking game space, the phrase " Video Game" is used to denote video games.

Mandatory elements of any video games are:

  • Visual interface by way of which the player “gamer, from English. Gamer” controls the gameplay;
  • Game environment – setting “from English. setting”, which includes a specified time, place of motion, external attributes belonging towards the game with dishonored pc cheat engine.

Often, such games are based on stories from films, literary works, political events. The reverse plan can also be observed when, based on selected video games, full -length films are made. Though in the United States went further, giving computer games the status of an independent form of art, or mrantifun slime rancher.

Genres of video games

One aided with the most common criteria for classifying video games is their genre. Below we will present a separate list of video games genres, which has received recognition of most gamers and video games observers.

Classification by genres involves the attribution of a chosen video game to the following categories:

  • teaching games “they are based to the need to perform selected actions aimed at instruction a predetermined skill”;
  • strategies “plot games that require a player in evaluation referring to the situation and make unobvious decisions; something considerably additional than just logical games like checkers or chess”;
  • arcades “games for dexterity and attentiveness”;
  • adventure games “"boils" , remaining a rule. based on historical plots and scripts”;
  • electronic simulators “virtual prototypes of real objects and processes associated with car management or other equipment and the like;
  • action “from English. Action – action; games suggesting constant clattering by buttons and rotation via the mouse; games with an exciting plot, involving active and ongoing actions on the player”;
  • puzzles and logically games “all kinds of board games, including the mentioned chess and checkers”;
  • Mixed “any combination involving the attribution of video games to added than 1 genre, for example, motion and approach that teaches the game and the simulator”.

The main trends in just the gaming industry of recent years are a bias in direction of mixing genres, the implementation of high -quality three -dimensional graphics, filling the game scenarios with meaning and dynamics on fallout new vegas cheats.

Classification of video games

Video games usually are classified on other grounds. The most normally represented below.

Depending about the number of platforms used, video games are divided into those:

  • which are installed on personal computers;
  • under which distinct prefixes “consoles” are developed;
  • which are installed on mobile gadgets.

Based to the themes, video games are divided into:

  • historical;
  • erotic;
  • mythological;
  • political;
  • fantastic;
  • realistic;
  • steampunk;
  • cosmic;
  • Cyberpank and others.

The number of players involved can serve as an independent criterion for dividing the video game into:

  • Single -user “a person player”
  • Multipoling “two or considerably increased players”.

The presence/absence of network versions – an auxiliary criterion with the classification of video games are divided into:

  • those that allow you to play by applying the Internet;
  • Those who do not provide such opportunity to players.

Depending relating to the merchandise used, video games may perhaps be “1” text or “2” graphic “the latter, in turn, may very well be two- or three-dimensional”. Most video games are created for people, although their personal varieties are designed for other living creatures, for example, ashes of the singularity cheat engine. These are cherished programs or products that make the pet monitor the image together with the mouse on the screen or otherwise show activity.